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When Do You Need Professional Rug Cleaning?

Whether you own a valuable Persian rug or a shag rug, keeping your rug clean is a time-consuming process. Even with regular vacuuming, dust will build up in the rug that cannot be removed by a vacuum. If you own pets, urine and odors can ruin the appearance of your rug and make your home look unkempt. The expert rug cleaning services of Fantastic Carpet Cleaning Queens can get your rugs looking clean again quickly and at great price. Fantastic Carpet Cleaning Queens is highly rated for our rug cleaning services in Queens as well as our friendly customer service. Whether your rug needs a steam cleaning to remove dust and soil or a deep cleaning to get rid of nasty pet strains and odors, contact Fantastic Carpet Cleaning Queens for the best cleaning service in Queens. Call us today at (347) 808-5508 for a free quote. With free pick up and delivery, our competitors cannot beat our service or prices. If you live in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens, we can provide same day service if available.

Oriental Rug Cleaning
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We Inspect Each Rug Before Cleaning

When you give us your rug to clean, we carefully inspect each rug and design a cleaning process that will give your rug the best cleaning results but also will not damage the rug during cleaning. We test each rug to ensure that our cleaning solution will not cause the dye to bleed or fade. If an inexperienced cleaner uses the wrong cleaning solution, the dyes can run and ruin the rug. If you own a Persian or Oriental rug, this is important because the dyes in the rugs are handmade from plants. If the cleaning solution is too strong, the dyes will loosen from the fabric and run. This is also a problem if your pets urinated on the rug. Our pre-inspection will identify the problems areas that need special attention and treatment.

How We Clean Rugs

Fantastic Carpet Cleaning NYC  believes that the best cleaning process starts and ends with using only the gentlest detergents and  state-of-the-art cleaning equipment.

Our first step is to use a mechanical rug beating machine to remove any loose dirt. We want to remove as much dirt as possible  before immersing rugs in our cleaning pools.

Once the rug is submerged in our cleaning solutions, dirt and stains are loosened from the fiber and then removed as the rug is brushed by hand or machine, depending on how it was made. A handmade silk rug will be hand brushed because silk fiber can weaken during cleaning because of the water. A thick wool or machine made will be cleaned with a buffing machine to penetrate into the rug pile. A buffing machine is the best way to clean a shag rug and we have achieved amazing results. With a thorough rinsing, your rug is now dust and allergen free. If the rug has urine, we rinse a rug several times until it is fully flushed from the rug.

After rinsing, we use a specialized rug centrifuge to remove water and expedite drying times. Finally we hang the rugs to dry in our custom build temperature and humidity controlled drying room. When the rug dried, we inspect the rug to ensure it meets our standard for cleaning. If it fails this standard, we will re-clean the rug at no extra charge.

Are you Looking for the Best Way to Clean
an Antique or Contemporary Carpet?

As a rule, cleaning a rug  is not something that you can do at home with great results. This being the case, if you are looking for the best way to clean a rug in your home, let Fantastic Carpet Cleaning Queens help. Once you have reached out to us, we will then provide you with the  cleaning expertise you need to  keep your rug looking as beautiful and as eye-catching as the day it first graced your home. There are many services for cleaning carpets and rugs in Queens, but choose Fantastic Carpet Cleaning for amazing results. We service Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Long Island. Call us at (347) 808-5508 and book your appointment for a free on site consultation. If you also need carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning, we can help too.

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