Post Construction Cleaning

Need Post Construction Cleaning in Queens?

Did you have construction or renovations in your home or building and now the place is a mess? Once the builders leave, you can have dust everywhere and heavy stains in your carpets, rug and tables. If you are moving into new offices, the carpets could already have coffee and food stains. Cleaning up your home or office is not just a matter of dusting or sweeping. You need professionals with top cleaning technology for a post construction cleaning of your carpets and sanitize the kitchen and bathrooms. When the construction crews and painters have left, call Fantastic Carpet Cleaning NYC and let our powerful cleaning technology and experienced cleaning staff make your home or office clean and fresh. No matter how small or big the job, we can handle it.

Construction can leave any space full of dust. Just adding a wall can send sawdust into the air during the cutting of the wood frames. Air and foot traffic will spread the dust throughout the area. Even areas away from the construction area will get dusty as the air transports the dust and deposit it on tables, chairs and carpets. If the office bathrooms did not receive cleaning during construction, then bacteria will grow and create a smelly bathroom. You need a professional solution for these messy problems and Fantastic Carpet Cleaning NYC offers you an affordable cleaning package.

post construction cleaning

What Does Fantastic Carpet Cleaning Queens Include for Post Construction Cleaning?

Shampoo Cleaning of Carpets and Chairs.
Cleaning of Tables and Counter Tops.
Sanitizing and Deodorizing of Bathrooms and Kitchen.
Cleaning of Internal Windows and Window Seals.
Cleaning of Cabinets.
Removing Paint and Plaster from Carpets.

Why Should I Hire Fantastic Carpet Cleaning Queens?

Fantastic is a fully insured company. Many buildings require an insurance policy against damage. Send us the requirements and we will send out insurance to you building. Our cleaners are fully vetted and trained. They will do a great job for you and not skip over any detail. Finally we use only the best cleaning solutions on the market. Our powerful steam cleaning machines will pull out the dust, stains and odors from you carpets. We will kill odor and germ causing bacteria in the carpets, kitchen and bathrooms.

When Can You Start Cleaning?

We highly recommend that once the construction is completed you schedule our cleaning services. Once dust gets in the air it can circulate from room to room. Office furniture that was clean will start to pick up the dust in the air and will need a new cleaning. This will add to the cost of the clean up. You can schedule our free on-site quote and we will come in to inspect your area and give you a final quote for cleaning. Once the construction is finished, we can schedule the times for our cleaning crew to perform the job. If you would like to schedule a no-obligation quote, you can call us at (347) 808-5508 and we can arrange a convenient time for you.

post construction cleanup

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