Common Carpet, Rug and Upholstery Cleaning Mistakes

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Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

  1. Bleach! This mistake has ruined not only carpets but many expensive rugs. If you reach for a cleaning spray to remove a stain make sure it does not contain any bleach. If it contains bleach the color in the carpet or rugs can be damaged. This is a permanent stain. Some synthetic carpet and rug will not suffer damage. However, carpets and rugs made from natural fibers such as rugs will suffer from color damage.
  2. Do Not Let Stains Set. Wipe up food and liquid stains right away. For liquid stains such as coffee and pet urine, place a towel over the wet area with weight on top to press it into the carpet or rug. If your carpet has scotch guard then you have more time to remove the stain but it will still need to be removed or the stain will set. Once the stain is dried and set, then you will need to look into spot removal sprays. Be careful because the spray, if overused, can damage your carpet and create its own stain.
  3. Over wetting the floor. This usually happens when you rent  a carpet cleaning machine from a store and its vacuum is too weak to properly extract the water from the carpet. The first is what is is called browning. Water deeper in pile captures dust but is not removed during vacuum. It wicks up to the surface and dries, leaving a brown film. Second is mold and mildew growth. During cleaning too much water is used and it moves into the carpet padding and sub-floor. This can lead to mold and mildew growth which are health hazards to your entire family.

Rug Cleaning Mistakes

  1. Bleach and Other Strong Chemical Cleaning. While some synthetic rugs are not affected by bleach, many other rugs, especially Persian and Oriental rug, will suffer from dye run. Strong chemicals will release the dye and ruin the rug.  Look for more gentle cleaners when cleaning a rug such a dish washing liquid. If you have an expensive rug or a rug you really like, call in a professional rug cleaning such as Fantastic Carpet Cleaning NYC. They will know the best and safest way to clean a rug.
  2. Damaged Fringes. Getting the fringes tangled in a vacuum cleaner is a frequents mistake. We recommend tucking the fringes under the rug during cleaning.
  3. Moths. Once moths are in a rug they eat away at the fiber. They especially like wool rugs. Unfortunately the owners only see the damage after the moths started to eat the fiber. ,But once they know  a good food source they will be back. A professional rug cleaning can place the rug in a freezer or use a ozone generator to will the moths. A natural solution is to spay the rug with a pine scent. The larvae will only eat a natural fiber. The wood scent repels them. We once sprayed a large wool rug with pine scent and rolled it up. The next day we unrolled the rug and found hundreds of dead larvae.
  4. Not Removing Pet Urine Fast. Pet urine, especially cat urine, is acidic and can cause dye run in rugs. Persian and Oriental rugs use a dye made from plants. Pet urine will weaken the dye’s bond to the fiber which causes it to run or spread. Flushing urine from a rug is not easy for a homeowner and calling in a professional rug cleaner might be your best bet to protect a valuable rug.

Upholstery Cleaning Mistakes

  1. Read the Manufacturer’s Tag. Most people clean their upholstery without reading the cleaning instructions and this can lead to disaster. See if the tag has “S” which means you can only dry clean it and cannot use water.  You will need to remove the covers and bring it to a dry cleaner.
  2. Test Your Cleaning Solution. Before removing a stain test your cleaner on a hidden area of the couch. Use a white towel and rub it on an area and see if you see dye on the towel.
  3. Do Not Over Wet the Cleaning Area. Avoid soaking the areas you are cleaning. If you need to clean a cushion, remove the padding. Water needs to dry or mold can start to grow.

If you have a cleaning project that is more than you can handle, call in a cleaning professional. They can make sure the right cleaning solution is used and have the tools handle large and difficult cleaning jobs. If you need a professional cleaner for rugs, carpets and upholstery, call Fantastic Carpet Cleaning NYC for a best service in New York City.

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